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Screen systems for greenhouse horticulture

Screen systems are an essential tool for creating an optimal climate. Saving energy, limiting light emissions, determining day length or regulating solar radiation; each screen has its own unique properties. SCRE3NS offers the right solution for all screen systems in greenhouse horticulture.

Our partners

Atrium Agri is a collaboration of entrepreneurs within the international horticultural sector. Together with our partners, we form a knowledge platform in the fields of total cultivation concepts, greenhouse construction, water, climate, automation, energy and consultancy. We are not only a knowledge partner for the partners within the platform, but also the connector within the sector. By connecting the right parties, we encourage cross-fertilisation between leading companies. Equal, and while retaining our own identity.


Screen cloth; the solution for a perfect climate

Energy saving

Save on energy costs and maximize production by using energy fabrics with high light transmission.

Prevent light emissions

Prevent light emissions with our specially designed assimilation cloths. It keeps the light in the greenhouse and prevents light pollution.


Determine the day length in the greenhouse with our horizontal and vertical screen cloths which create complete darkness.


Regulate the level of sunlight and avoid excessive greenhouse temperatures and crop damage.

Interrupting the airflow

Interrupt air flows in the ridge of the greenhouse and prevent temperature differences using our air baffles.

Protection against insects

A good insect repellent system is important for protecting crops in greenhouses. We install insect netting that fits perfectly in the greenhouse vents.


Branches we serve, both for new construction and renovation:

  • Vegetable cultivation
  • Floriculture
  • R&D facilities
  • Plant propagation

Our partners