Horizontal screens

Horizontal screens give the opportunity to protect crops from weather changes and improve the growing climate for optimal production and quality. For controlling humidity, preventing emission during the night, blocking solar radiation or determining the day length, SCRE3NS will be happy to advise you on the right type of installation and most suitable screen cloth. Multiple installations such as double screens or even triple screens are used more often, to be placed above each other or as 2 installations on 1 wire bed.

Screen insertion system

The screen insertion system saves time when inserting or replacing screen sheets and is less risky for both crop and installer. As the screen cloth is inserted directly into the profile, there is no need to use clips. As a result hardly any work is required amongst the crop nor at great heights. As well as being quick, clean and safe, the system is also flexible and suitable for every type of screen!

Roller screens

Gable screens:
SCRE3NS’ vertical rolling gable screens can be optimally integrated into the outer walls of a greenhouse. To achieve an optimal cultivation result, we will be pleased to advise you on the various possibilities such as blackout, preventing light emissions, saving energy or regulating sunlight.

Twin roll screens:
Twin roll screens are used to divide a greenhouse into several departments or climate zones. For example, between departments with different cultivation phases or crops.

Air baffles

Air baffles block the airflow above the horizontal screen in the ridge of the greenhouse. Preventing cold spots and reducing temperature differences contributes to a uniform growth of the crop. The SCRE3NS air baffles are crystal clear, fire retardant and easy to install (yourself).

Insect netting

Insect netting is the ideal solution for keeping out harmful insects from the outside and keeping useful insects inside the greenhouse. Applying insect netting reduces the need for pesticides. A great way to grow more sustainable! SCRE3NS supplies and installs accordion (also known as harmonica) netting systems for any type of greenhouse.